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are simple. the candidates have jaundice for a conversation about the level of government in our lives. we have asked them to stay on point. the candidates can talk to one another but i will be managing the time is spent on a particular topic. we will have the freedom to move the conversation along. each candidate will have a closing statement along with the 90 statements. -- 90 seconds. there are no opening statements. we flipped a coin. we will begin with night -- tonight with tammy baldwin. i will ask the both the same kind of question. about your portrayal in this campaign. you haven't portrayed as an extreme liberal -- have been portrayed as an extreme liberal. the national journal said you have either one of the most were the most liberal voting records in the house. the late george mcgovern said he was a proud liberal. what are you willing to embrace that definition? >> in wisconsin, we have a tradition of progressivism. it means something here. sometimes the words of liberal and conservative have lost their meaning at the nationalist level. the me tell you what i mean. -- let met t
message to everyone involved is that we have to take this seriously. the federal government is working effectively with state and local governments. it will be very important that populations in the impacted states take this seriously, listen to your state and local officials. my message to the governors and mayors is that anything they need, we will do it. we will cut through red tape and not get bogged down in a lot of rules. you want to make sure that we are leaning forward into making sure we have the best possible response into what is going to be a big and messy system. crag, which like to add something? >> as the president says, it will come down to achieving those evacuation orders and taking protective measures. get information on how to protect yourself and your families. also, check on your neighbors. this will be a big storm and we need to be there for each other. >>, for the general public, if you need to know where to respond, that is where you get that information. but greg is exactly right. what we do in times like this is all together and help each other. the
to that in 2012. >> next up is rich in centreville, virginia, on our line for republicans government ahead, rich. >> thanks for taking my call. last night i was watching i think nbc news and they were talking about the electoral votes. this is more for you guys at c-span. when they were talking about the possibility the electoral votes could end up high in the house, romney is the president and senate would elect biden as the vice president, if we go forward next week, is that -- i know the electoral votes may wind up determining the election. could you guys put something together to explain that? i mean, i never thought that was a possibility. and i get so twisted. i don't care what station you're on. only thing i would like to make a comment on is republicans are not racist. people are racist. mine so you didn't call the lady out on that before, the caller from florida, so please when somebody raises a stupid comment you guys need to step in and say, hey, knock that off. >> that's rich in centreville, virginia. rich, we will talk with our producers about doing a segment on the electoral colleg
the regional governments would not cooperate with u.s. and international sanctions, but since then, they've been absolutely shocked at the degree to which the region has cooperated with the united states and with international sanctions. the countries and leaders they thought might stand with them have actually distanced themselves and abandoned iran entirely, and that's why the sanctions are working as well as they are. i thought the idea that somehow the regional governments are going to shed a tear if there were a confrontation between the united states and iran over the nuclear, the united states did strike. of course, very few people would advocate a strike, but if it is come to that, i really doubt that hardly anybody in the region would shed a single tear over it. i do not think you're going to see mass demonstrations in the region, you know, arguing that iran has been wronged, iran is the victim here, and any such strike would come after much more due diligence, much more talks, and then many more opportunities for iran to take a compromise. the idea that iran is somehow going to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4